How to Store your Hearing Aid Batteries

The most commonly used batteries for hearing aids are Zinc Air Batteries.

Zinc air batteries require air to operate and if you leave the battery in the open uncovered, then your battery will run down prematurely.

What you need to do to get the most out of your hearing aid batteries is to......

Remove the battery completely from your hearing aid device each night and place your battery on a piece of scotch tape.  Place the battery, "Plus Side" where the tiny holes are visible, face down onto the tape so no air can reach the holes.  

By covering the holes with tape, you are allowing no air to reach the Zinc inside the battery.  Once covered, the battery will remain dormant until you remove the tape.

If you don't have scotch tape, you can also reuse the sticker tabs from the same battery and reapply them over the holes.

By doing this technique, you can easily make your 312 Hearing Air Battery last 25-30% more by covering the holes with tape.  The standard lifespan usage of the 312 battery is 7 days, by applying this technique you can get 9-10 days of usage out of the battery.

This technique can be used on all size Hearing Aid Batteries 10, 312, 13, & 675.

Note: this technique will only work on zinc air batteries and not any other battery.

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