Happy Hearing Aid Awareness Month

You ask, "what do you want for dinner?" He says, What?
You ask again "what do you want to eat?" He responds, What did you say?

This may happen once a day, then it happens almost all the time during every conversation where you have to constantly repeat the entire story or raise your voice louder to where its almost screaming.

As I hear the main diagnosis from wives, this is your prime example of Selective Hearing. He only hears me when he wants something, but when I am down the hallway, I have to repeat myself numerous times. Let me guess, the car conversations are even better?

Your men don't have selective hearing, What they do have is a Sensorineural Hearing Loss. When sound enters the ear and finally gets to the cochlea with all the hair cell fibers,
The sound will hit these High frequency fibers which are the first to be damaged. Once you have a hearing loss, your hair cell fibers don't grow back after they have been damaged.

Why am I emphasizing high frequency? women's voices are located in the high frequency of where those nerve fibers are damaged. Normal hearing is considered 20 dB across all frequencies, but once you hit a 40 dB hearing loss then women voices ,especially when background noise is present, are going to be very difficult to understand.

These problem situations are preventable. Mostly, mild and moderate hearing losses can be easily helped with hearing aids.

First thing you have to do is set up an appointment with a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist, such as William Joe Early at Florida Discount Hearing Aids.  It is best for you to go with him on the appointment, remember that this will help you as much as him. Once you and hubby are at the appointment, we will examine both ears through a huge TV and test both ears for hearing loss. If its determined that he has a hearing loss, there are many options on hearing aid size and payment pricing to fit everyone's budget.

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