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Best Hearing Aids for the Money

As a savvy consumer you aren't looking to empty your wallet on the next set of Hearing aids but you also don't want to waste your time with cheap unreliable hearing aids that still don't solve your problem of hearing people while in background noise.

That's why sticking with a name brand company like Siemens will make sure you are getting a quality and reliable product.The Sirion line of hearing instruments offers a solution for almost every level of hearing loss. For mild to moderate hearing loss there are Sirion's M and S models; for severe hearing loss there is the P model and if you prefer an inconspicuous solution, Sirion offers you its Custom ITE (In-The-Ear) instruments.  

I personally prefer the Sirion P with a LifeTube because it is powered by a size 13 battery that will last 2 weeks, Rocker Switch that can be used as a volume or program switch when you need to adjust the hearing aid, it also comes with a built in Telecoil for Loop Systems like for a church, and Directional Microphones that help you focus on the conversation while in Background Noise.

SirionNo matter what you want to hear, Sirion lets you focus on the voices and sounds around you.

All models, whether BTE (Behind-The-Ear) of ITE, are 100% digital and provide you with the necessary amplification, easy-to-use features, and wearing comfort all at a very good value.

Florida Discount Hearing Aids is a Siemens Advanced Partner and we offer special pricing on the Sirion Line of Hearing Aids.  The MSRP on the Sirion is $1,199.00 and it is available in 8 different colors.

Call 407-852-5800, to set up an appointment at Florida Discount Hearing Aids to demo a set of Sirion Hearing Aids.

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    With hearing aids you will be able to communicate more easily with family and friends.

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