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Dad Tattoos Hearing Aid for His Daughter

Dad of the year goes to Alistair Campbell, father of a bright young 6 year old girl who just received her second Cochlear Implant at Gillies Hospital in New Zealand.

Charlotte, 6 years old now, had her first cochlear implant two years ago and the benefit of the second implant was to "enhance her life"said by Charlotte's Mom, Anita Campbell.

Looking at the photo prematurely, you would think Dad is not wary of being inked, but this is Alistair's first Tattoo.  Alistair even shaved his head for this Tattoo, he wanted to show his daughter that he will endure the pain for her love.  When Charlotte first saw the tattoo," she giggled and touched it and said it was cool".  Alistair stated "Hey my hair can grow back", which he plans to grow his hair back and shave it down for "special occasions".

What do you think of Alistair's decision?


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