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New Laser-Based Hearing Aid gets Green Light by the FDA

A company out of Menlo Park, California called EarLens Corporation has been given the green light by the FDA to market the world's first Laser-Based Hearing Aid called Contact Hearing Device "CHD" that will achieve Full Sound Spectrum.

The EarLens CHD consists of two parts: a tympanic membrane transducer (TMT), which is non-surgically placed deeply into the ear canal on the eardrum, and a behind-the-ear (BTE) audio processor that sits on the outer ear and is connected to an ear tip that is placed in the ear canal. External sound waves received by the BTE processor are converted to electronic signals, digitally processed, amplified and sent to the ear tip, which contains a laser diode. There, the electronic signals of amplified sound are converted to pulses of light. The laser light pulses then shine onto a photodetector in the TMT, which converts the light back into electronic signals, transmitting sound vibrations directly to the eardrum by direct contact, as noted by the FDA.

The EarLens Contact Hearing Device "CHD" is intended for use by adults with mild to severe sensorineural hearing impairment.

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  • Vince Campasano

    will this laser earing aid work with SSD people who have had a acoustic neuroma surgery .the acoustic nerve has been severed through a Retrosigmoi surgery , but the cochlea is intact ?

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