Cellion Primax Hearing Aid unveil from Signia with Wireless Charging

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Cellion Primax Hearing Aid unveil from Signia with Wireless Charging

Signia is getting ready to introduce their new line of rechargeable hearing aids called the Cellion. Compared to the previous most popular Signia rechargeable hearing aids the Pure Primax, the Cellion does not use the galvanic recharging system with contact points that must touch the hearing aid to charge. 

The new Cellion uses wireless inductive charging that requires no contact points. Rather than using a nickel-zinc battery which is the most common rechargeable battery made by Powerone, the Cellion is being powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, similar to the ones used inside our smart phones and the battery will last several years. 

The battery is fully encased within the new Cellion hearing aid, no more worrying about replacing or fumbling with tiny batteries.  If you do need your battery replaced, contact your local hearing health professional.  

The charging cycle is amazing because the first 30 minutes it will automatically go into Powercharge mode and be able to give the wearer 4 hours of use. The Cellion only requires 4 hours for a full charge to last a total of 48 hours.  This system will revolutionize the hearing aid industry, much like when Siemens was the first to introduce a rechargeable hearing aid back in 2007.

The new Cellion from Signia will be available in the fall of 2016, come in 12 different
colors, level 5bx as well as 7bx technology, and pricing hasn't been announced. 

If you are interested in the new line of Cellion Primax rechargeable hearing aids from Signia, Please give us a call at 407-852-5800 and we can pre-order a new set for you.

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