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Enjoy's Life True Sound.

At a noisy bar, train station, or street cafe when there's a high level of ambient noise, communicating with people calls for concentration and effort.  Straining to hear voices in difficult situations can be exhausting even for people with normal hearing.

The new Ace Primax helps overcome this.  The advanced SpeechMaster function single out the speaker of interest ,reducing extraneous voices and backgound noise.  You hear what you want but not the rest.  As a result, hearing becomes effortless and less tiring all day long, in every situation.

A busy morning.

At Breaksfast, the kids are excited about the day.  Chatter mingles with the radio while your partner is immersed in the newspaper.  Ace brings outstanding performance to the table to make sure you don't miss a thing.  Its advanced automatic SpeechMaster function singles out the speed while simultaneously engaging SoundSmoothing ro reduce the clattering of cutlery and restling newspaper.

Now you can relax and effortlessly understand every word.  With Ace, you concentrate on the conversation, not on your hearing aids.

Shooting the breeze.

It's late afternoon and you're sitting at a street cafe enjoying a cappuccino with friends.  The breeze is cool but the disussion at the next table is loud.  With Ace, its automatic SpeechMaster function reduces surrounding voices by singling out the discussion at your table while suppressing the one next to you.  It also engages eWindScreen to tackle the brisk breeze.  You can sit back and enjoy the company.

Echoes of the past.

You're with the children at the museum.  Voices are echoing around and mixing with the sound of footsteps on the tiled floors.  From behing you, a guide asks if you need any help.  This could all be tiring but Ace lets you take it all in stride.  Its EchoShield program all but eliminates sound reverberation,  delivering a cleaner, clearer sound.  the only thing you need to concentrate on is the exhibits.

Made for music lovers.

Ace delivers outstanding quality in every situation - especially in music.  Whether you're enjoying your favorite music at a concert, listening at home on your own stereo system, or even on stage performing music yourself, its HD Music program gives you fantastic sound quality and superb music experience.  Simply and conveniently activate it via the push button or rouchControl App, and you will enjoy every note.

Complete control in the palm of your hand.

The touchControl App lets you change programs, adjust the volume, bass and treble with complete discretion; you can even adjust the direction of the microphones.  Download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store completely free of charge.


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