Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss is defined as being partially or completely unable to hear sound in one or both ears

The hearing level is quantified relative to 'normal' hearing in decibels (dB), with higher numbers of dB indicating worse hearing. Hearing loss can be graded as follows:

  • Normal hearing: less than 25 dB in adults and 15 dB in children.
  • Mild hearing loss: 25-39 dB.
  • Moderate hearing loss: 40-69 dB.
  • Severe hearing loss: 70-94 dB.
  • Profound hearing loss: 95+ dB.

12% or 38 Million Americans have a significant loss


People with a hearing loss generally wait 7 years until seeking help


Sensorineural Hearing Loss or "Nerve Deafness" is the most common type and is usually irreversible


There is over 200 Ototoxic Medications (medication that causes permanent hearing loss)