July Open House in Orlando

Introducing the all new Primax Pure hearing aids by Signia.

ABC Hearing Center invites you contact our office immediately to learn about the latest hearing aid technology that enable effortless hearing everywhere.

While many of today’s hearing aids provide great amplification, after wearing them for a full day you begin to feel the fatigue and strain of listening. With the newest technology from Signia and Siemens, listening effort is reduced so all you hear is crisp, clear sound quality all day long in any environment including restaurants, outdoors, in a train station or airport, at a concert, while listening to music, on the phone – in short – everywhere. And, this technology, called primax, is clinically proven to deliver better than normal hearing that is effortless too*.

Be one of the first to experience Signia’s and Siemens new technology.
We are offering a special Community Seminar to demonstrate this unique and effective technology to our valued patients. Please call <<000-111-2222>> to schedule your appointment. Bring a loved one with you and enjoy complimentary refreshments. For a limited time, we are extending an introductory offer, with <<$X000.00>> off a pair of Siemens new top-of-the-line hearing aids to replace the older style you are wearing. Come and hear for yourself!

Siemens new hearing aid technology can be fit and programmed to help eliminate many common problems associated with wearing hearing aids. We invite you to come and experience this amazing new technology that will enable you to hear better than ever in your day-to-day life without the strain and effort of your current hearing aids – anywhere, all day long.