Siemens Life Tubes

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Siemens Life Tubes are made for SIEMENS BTE Hearing Aids to create an open fit and comfortable feel to your hearing aids.

The size of the Life Tube is clarified by numbers 1,2,3,4

Measuring the Siemens LifeTube from Dome Tip to the Screw Adapter 
Size 1
measures 2.25 inches
Size 2 
measures 2.5 inches 
Size 3 
measures 2.75 inches
Size 4 
measures 2.9 inches

Please Also Choose which side for tubing, Red is for the Right side and Blue is labeled for Left Side.

Compatible with the following Hearing Aids

Electone Aurora
Electone Aurora 2
Electone Aurora 4
Electone Figaro
Electone Figaro 2
Electone Figaro 4
Electone Figaro 8

Hansaton Antaro Mini BTE
Hansaton Inara Mini BTE
Hansaton Sorino Mini BTE

Rexton Bridge 12
Rexton Bridge 12 Free 
Rexton Bridge 12 Open
Rexton Bridge 8
Rexton Bridge 8 Free
Rexton Bridge 8 Open
Rexton Calibra 1
Rexton Calibra 1 Pro Free
Rexton Calibra 2
Rexton Calibra 2 Pro Free
Rexton Day
Rexton Day Free
Rexton Day Open
Rexton Insite
Rexton Insite Free
Rexton Revera WL
Rexton Revera WL Free
Rexton Targa Pro
Rexton Targa Pro Free

Siemens Acuris
Siemens Acuris LIfe
Siemens Aquaris
Siemens Aquaris 101
Siemens Aquaris 301
Siemens Aquaris 501
Siemens Aquaris 701
Siemens Artis
Siemens Artis LIfe
Siemens Artis 2
Siemens Artis 2 LIfe
Siemens Centra
Siemens Centra Life
Siemens Cielo
Siemens Cielo Life
Siemens Cielo 2
Siemens Cielo 2 Life
Siemens Intus
SIemens Intus Life
Siemens Life
Siemens Life 100
Siemens Life 101 
Siemens Life 300
Siemens Life 301
Siemens Life 500
Siemens Life 501 
Siemens Life 700
Siemens Life 701
Siemens Life Micon
Siemens Lotus
Siemens Motion
Siemens Motion P
Siemens Motion SP
Siemens Motion SX
SIemens Orion
Siemens Orion P, M, S
Siemens Sirion
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