Signia Cellion Primax

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Make the most of your day.

Welcome to the next generation in hearing aid technology in a smart OneShell design.  With its reliable high-capactiy lithium-ion power cell, Cellion provides 24 hours of use while streaming on a single charge, so you don't need to worry about them running out on you unexpectedly.  Plus, Inductive Charging means total convenience.

Never Change a hearing aid battery again.

Great design isn't just about aesthetics- it's an intelligent blend of form and function. With Cellion's unique OneShell design, Signia combined both to engineer another world's first: a litium-ion hearing aid without charging contacts.

Cellion's rechargeable lithium-ion power cell uses conventient wireless inductive charging technology with no tiny batteries to replace.  Just place your Cellion hearing aids in the charger and the smart electronics take care of the rest.

Take them out of the charger and they automatically turn on for you.  And then they just keep going- the only hearing aids with unlimited streaming that last up to 24 hours without recharging.  And if you need to, a 30-minute fast charge will keep you going for another seven hours!

Enjoy life's true sound. 

Whether it's an open-plan office, a crowded store or a busy restaurant, wherever there's a high level of ambient noise, holding a converstaion requires concentration and effort.  Straining to hear voices in these situations is tiring- a fact that even people with normal hearing are famaliar with.

Cellion tackles these challenges.  Its advanced SpeechMaster function continuously monistors what you are listening to.  It focuses automatically on your converstaion partner while simultaneously reducing unwanted voices and backaground noise.  You hear what you want to hear clearly.  As a result, hearing with Cellion can be even less straining, all day long, in every situation.


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